How to Expose Right Wing Propaganda in the Media

Oldies but still goodies! They need to be trotted out once again to counter the recent propaganda orgy in the corporate state's media. See:

SAFE Weekly Newsletter: 9/13/14

Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction WEEKLY NEWSLETTER ​September 13,2014

Seattle Truckers Can’t Catch A Bathroom Break

Some truckers at the Port of Seattle do not have access to bathrooms. In the case of the main port-provided truck lot, a single HoneyBucket [port-a-potty] was delivered in an attempt to quiet truckers who spoke out against the lack of access to a basic necessity. However, many people have pointed out that the HoneyBucket has not solved anything.

And More information on the Kurds and Murray Bookchin’s Communalism

Article by Janet Biehl -
A video of her speech written above -
Social ecology in the Mountains of Kurdistan -

Volcanoes and Strip Mines: A Tale of Two Rivers

From Cascadia Watch CASTLE ROCK, OCCUPIED COWLITZ TERRITORY – September 3, 2014 On May 18, 1980, Mt. St. Helens, or Lawetlat’la, erupted with the force of a hydrogen bomb. A cubic mile of ash and debris turned 230 square miles of land into a moonscape. The Toutle River was filled with boiling mud along its entire…

Locals Block Oil Trains in Solidarity with Workers and Farmers

EVERETT, OCCUPIED SNOHOMISH TERRITORY — September 2, 2014 Five people, one of them sitting 18-feet high on a tripod, have blocked coal and oil traffic at the BNSF Rail Yard in Everett for about six hours this morning and afternoon. The group is demanding an immediate halt to all fossil fuel shipments through the Northwest,…

More Info on Libertarian Kurds

1. An informative article by Kevin Carson on Kurdish communalism as influenced by Murray Bookchin -

2.A report on the situation in Western Kurdistan by an eye witness

Rapist SPD & FBI Informant Found in Key West, Florida

SEATTLE, OCCUPIED DUWAMISH TERRITORY – August 29, 2014 Robert Joe Childs, a rapist and informant for the Seattle Police Department and the FBI, resurfaced last month in Key West, Florida. Court records indicate Childs was arrested on suspicion of committing credit card fraud, and consequently charged with failing to register as a sex offender. He…

God Save the Queen/Anarchy in the UK

 During the 25th  anniversary of the Queen the Sex Pistols rented a boat and went down the Thames full blast with No Future/God Save the Queen. The authorities, always in favour of free speech, had the cops attack the boat. Someone in the video shouts "They arrested Malcolm." Sure enough Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood were hauled away by the cops. Somehow the Pistols managed to escape.

It's hard to believe that ANARCHY IN THE UK  is 37 years old.  Still great to see and hear. This one song - in spite of its stereotypical view of anarchism - did more to open up anarchism to  the young than 50 years of pamphletting.

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